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Time for Change: Art and Social Unrest in the Jorge M. Pérez Collection


Huipiles is a series of paintings based on traditional designs of this type of clothing, made with a natural pigment extracted from coal and copal smoke. The use of these techniques is the continuation of a series of works by the artist that investigate and use natural pigments.

This series explores the geometry of the textile design, which proposes two types of abstraction: the use of canvases with the same measure of the clothing that refers to the body without having it present, as an absent body; and the removal of the color to translate the uniqueness of each colorful design in a binary language, in this case, the black and white.

The word huipil comes from the Nahuatl word “Huipilli” which means “mi tapado,” (my cover) this costume is an integral part of the daily and ceremonial life of women and constitutes a collective, tangible and intangible language of great diversity.

Among women, this clothing serves to reflect their identity and distinguish their ethnicity and even their socioeconomic position.

The huipil consists of a rectangular cloth, folded in half with an opening in the head and generally sewn on the sides, leaving the top part untied to form the sleeve.

The huipil is a canvas with an unwritten history, a portrait where the memory of a people is reconfigured and preserved; it contains multiple meanings of a cultural,social, economic, and political character. The symbolism in this clothing is understood as a “textile language.”


Group Exhibition: Time for Change: Art and Social Unrest in the Jorge M. Pérez Collection.

Venue: El Espacio 23. Miami, US.

December 4

Curator: José Roca

More information: https://www.elespacio23.com/


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