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Sinestesia Olfativa


The domain of the eye has neglected other ways of perceiving the world. They are here, in the air, beating like invisible forces. When man stood up, he discovered the horizon; removed his nose from the ground and relegated smell … but the smells wrap us up and invade us, sublimate us. Their messages are blunt, although we perfume them, even if we limit them to the private … even if we don’t know how to name them.

Linguistic limitations and vague or borrowed terminologies to refer to aromas and other perceptions that are not visual or sound, link three sensitivities that sniff in different linguistic families the communicating vessels of smell.

Smells, memories, intonations, literary and scientific voices structure the images of this audiovisual essay that can suggest the smell of words.

Project in collaboration with Gerardo Zapata (research and texts), and Ollin Miranda (camera, sound, and editing).


Group exhibition: Sinestesia Olfativa

Venue: Museo del Perfume (MUPE) Mexico City, Mexico


October 3 – December 8, 2019

December 19, 2019 – February 9, 2019

Curator: Iván Edesa


More information: https://circuloa.com/sinestesia-olfativa-la-asociacion-perceptual-a-traves-del-arte-contemporaneo-exposicion-en-mipe-museo-del-perfume-julio-2019-cdmx/


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