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Pulso: Tania Candiani, Part I



Tania Candiani’s dynamic sound-based project, “Pulso” (2016), is based on a one-day performance with 195 women in 12 of Mexico City’s underground metro stations. The title translates to “pulse” in English and is an immersive 3-channel video installation with ephemera from the performance. The work originated with the artist’s question, “What is the pulse of Mexico City today and is it possible to recover the ancient pulse of an old Aztec city?”

The performance activates and reclaims public space through female bodies. By incorporating pre-Hispanic drums historically played by men, the artist addresses the changing roles and perceptions of women in the context of social norms and systems of power. By utilizing the metro system, Candiani brings these ideas to the people of Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world where four million of the 21 million inhabitants use the metro system daily.

This project was commissioned by Proyecto Líquido: Deseo and curated by Jessica Berlanga .

Pulso: Tania Candiani, Part I is curated by Julio César Morales and supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation, Bruce and Diane Halle Foundation and Fundación Alumnos Proyecto Líquido.


Solo exhibition


Venue: ASU Art Museum. Arizona, US

September 14, 2019 – February 29, 2020

More information:  https://asuartmuseum.asu.edu/



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