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Monumentos efímeros

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This project consists of a series of photographs, videos, drawings, collage, archival material, sports uniforms, and paintings.

The deteriorated sports facilities in the city of Havana, Cuba, are the starting point of this visual essay in which some ideas about the modern architectural movement, sports as an ideological flag and the abandonment of public infrastructure interwoven.

Monumentos efímeros (Ephemeral monuments)  is a project that points out the correspondences between the physical and emotional resistance of athletes to the collapse of their environment.

Monumentos efímeros


These series of photographs and video are the result of a performative action carried out at the José Martí Sports Center and executed by Cuban professional athletes.

The action consists of creating – and sustaining – ephemeral corporal constructions that, like bridges, generate relationships and explore modes of solidarity, union, and resistance.

These ephemeral constructions symbolize an exercise of confidence and collective effort, where if one of the participants fails, everything falls. This fragility echoed the condition of generalized abandonment when sport ceased to be a political instrument.

Monumentos efímeros / Ephemeral monuments C-print 110x85 cms c/u




Notas para monumentos efímeros


This series of drawings is the starting point for the realized actions in Monumentos efímeros and come from the book Arquitectura Deportiva. Juegos, deportes y diversión(Sport Arquitecture, games, sport and fun), published in Mexico in 1969, a year after this country held the Olympics and used the attention given to sports to divert the students killing in Tlatelolco.

Notas para Monumentos efímeros / Notes for ephemeral monuments. 2019. Drawings. Ink on albanene paper. 30 x 21 cms. (series of 6)

Uniformes deportivos


These sports uniforms are decorated with geometric abstractions based on details of color and shape of the sports facilities in disuse.

These uniforms were used for a performance, in which a trio of athletes did poses of triumph, effort, and failure, freezing the actions like a photograph. The piece traces a connection with previous research of the artist on the relationship between textile design and political ideology, specifically during the era of Russian Constructivism.

Uniformes deportivos/ Sports uniforms. 2019 (sketch) José Martí Sports Center Swimming school Marcelo Salado Acrylic on canvas

Uniformes deportivos/ Sport uniforms. 2019 Live action

A H O R A. Collage on canvas. 21.5 X 8.5 cm


Monumentos efímeros


Photographic series about the deterioration of sports facilities in the City of Havana.
El Pontón, José Martí Sports Center, Marcelo Salado Swimming School, among others.

Monumentos efímeros / Ephemeral monuments C-print 46 x 35.5 cm c/u


Líneas de cancha


These paintings are based on photographs of the regulatory lines of the basketball courts of the José Martí Sports Center.

The paintings were commissioned to a local painter.

Líneas de cancha / Lines of court. 2019 Acrylic/fabric. 90 x 67 cms. Painted by Danelys Gallego


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