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La Madgalena and other field studies

Project Details


La Magdalena 

This piece consists of a canoe (bought by the artist from a local fisherman) with a video arranged atop it. The boat had already been withdrawn from use, as the pollution of the river and the deforestation of its banks have considerably diminished finishing -this community´s traditional sustenance. The canoe was cut in two and arranges both parts in a situation of the impasse. The video is a tribute to a scene from Werner Herzog´s film Fitzcarraldo (1982). In this project, the canoe sails the Magdalena River with a gramophone, playing the Blue Danube; the boat, the device, the music, and even the river itself are all, in her anachronistic manifesto, symbols of restricted progress.



Perspectógrafos is a couple of exercises that reflect on the empirical gaze and its contraposition to the scientific one. In a piece of this body of work, This recreates the old draftsman’s ‘machine,’ formed by two squared wooden reticles, –which are aimed to section a landscape and calculate perspective– to observe the horizon at River Magdalena in Honda, Tolima, Colombia. Another piece uses a kaleidoscopic projector to process –in a mind-boggling way–, images of leaves and endemic plants from this Colombian town.

Both pieces of work questions the ways to investigate and leave a record of discoveries about a barely known place, and confronts the scientific method with local habits.


Herbarios/Sobre el bosque (Herbariums / About the forest)

This video was recorded when the sound of the cicadas grows so dense and deafening that it becomes a wall of sound during a trip to the city of Mariquita, headquarters of the Royal Botanical Expeditions in New Granada, Colombia.

Another project was a herbarium, an archive of essences that constitutes a “library of scents.” In the presentation of the herbarium,  the accurate descriptions with those made by a Honda resident, explanations emphasizing the plant´s popular names and traditional uses are contrasted.


Tiempo Circular  (Circular time)

Establishing a connection between time and sound,  Honda´s marching band perform a sound´based action, forming a line that indicates the position of the hand of a clock.


Taller de Instrumentos  (Instrument Workshop)

One of the artist activities was leading workshops with the neighborhood kids, guiding them in making instruments with plants according to the instructions from a French book published in the early 20th century. The children made their toy-instruments and subsequently improvised a fun, chaotic concert.

Three Columns