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Cuba. La singularidad del diseño


Monumentos efímeros

This photographic series and video are the result of a performative action carried out at the José Martí Sports Center in Havana, Cuba and executed by Cuban professional athletes.

The action consists of creating – and sustaining – ephemeral corporal constructions that, like bridges, generate relationships and explore modes of solidarity, union, and resistance.

These ephemeral constructions symbolize an exercise of confidence and collective effort, where if one of the participants fails, everything falls. This fragility echoed the condition of generalized abandonment when sport ceased to be a political instrument.


Group exhibition: Cuba. La singularidad del diseño  

Venue:  Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM), Mexico City, Mexico

October 5 – March 8,  2019

Curators: Jimena Acosta and Inbal Miller


More information: https://mam.inba.gob.mx/cuba-la-singularidad-del-diseno


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