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Ad-hoc o cómo vivir juntos

La restauradora

This work recreates the color palette that may have been used in the pictorial representation of some of the most significant changes suffered from S. XIV to our days at the coordinates 19 ° 26’07.0 “N 99 ° 07’55.2” W, place where Seminar 12 is located, taking as a point of view the main door opening and considering the specific pallet of the restorer.

A project of Tania Candiani in collaboration with Gerardo Zapata and Ollin Miranda.


Group Exhibition: Ad-hoc o cómo vivir juntos (Ad-hoc or how to live together)

Venue: Seminario 12. Mexico City, Mexico

January 23. 2020

Curator: Catalina Uturbey

More information:http://www.seminario12.com/


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