Project Name

Sewing workshop

  • Data

    Sewing Workshop. 2018. 120 hours of labor of two women seamstresses, cardboard patterns, cutting table, industrial sewing machines, fireproof fabric, cloth roll holder, work tools.

  • Curator

    Itzel Vargas

  • Venue

    Museo universitario del Chopo. Mexico City

Project Details

The sewing workshop was the first of the three phases of “Captive Ascension” project. During this first phase, It was installed two industrial sewing machines, cutting table, cloth roll holder, work tools, in addition to 18 real-scale cardboard patterns which were suspended halfway up in the Central Gallery of the Museum.
During the time the workshop was installed, two seamstresses specialist in making aerostats, traced, cut and sewed the balloon.

These kinds of projects looked for ways to show the movements of manufacturing and work, seen as a rhythm and a series of strokes, which I call “Labor Choreographies.”Understanding these works as a drawing in the space formed by the repetition of gestures, such as dance instruction. Putting into operation a workspace within the Museum allows me to bring the public closer to this understanding of manual work as an act of beauty and precision.

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