Project Name


  • Data

    Syrenys/Sirens. 2018. Site specific Performance of a musical score based on ships sirens, cries of sailors, sounds of wind and water interpreted by 441Hz Choir. Video installation.

  • Curator

    Aleksandra Ksiolpowska

  • Venue

    Laznia Centre for Contemporary Arts; Gransk, Poland.

Project Details

This sound action was based on the interest on using the sound of the voice (specifically with choral groups) to interpret, replicate or deconstruct sounds that are not typical of the human voice, such as sounds of machines, of nature, of mathematical processes, mechanical and digital. Syrenys (Sirens) starts from the idea of ​​replicating with the voices of the men and women that compose the 441Hz Choir the sound of the sirens of the ships. This live action was created in the port of Nowy Port, which for years has ceased to be essential and with it, it has imprinted a halo of nostalgia and abandonment in the whole neighborhood, in which the choir “sang” the arrival of the boats back to the dock.

Syreny was built in three stages: a sound recording behind closed doors, a live act on the pier of Nowy Port, and the presentation of the video of the action in the context of the exhibition Language as Sound, at Laznia Center for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland. In the video of Syreny, when sounding the piece exclusively with the sound of the voices, It sought to create a sensation of rarefied ness by making strange images to the sound of their nature.
The recorded voice thus becomes a tool to build sound codes, fictions based on the potentiality of the voice to create a grammar of estrangement.

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