Project Name

Pico de gallo sonoro

Project Details

Pico de gallo sonoro  (Pico de gallo sonorous) is an action that initially was presented within the Pre-Premier program of the independent art space Obrera Centro. PRE-PREMIER consists of critical analysis meetings about contemporary production. In each session the audience sees the process of the project, a delicious homemade dinner it is served, and after a discussion about the project, it’s open.
This action responds to a concern about how the video record modifies or restates performative pieces with the public — the relevance or not of files for certain types of actions and their possible ramifications.

The piece consists of chopping the ingredients for a Mexican sauce called pico de gallo (cilantro, onion, tomato, and chili) and is based on simple instructions that must be met by the performers: chop each one an ingredient, use his knife rhythmically, retire when the element is ready.
The four taquero boards are miked to amplify the sound of the knife stroke. The aroma is a surprise element during the action. The duration depends on the readiness of the cutlers.
In the end, all the attendees enjoy a pico de gallo with pork rinds and carnitas while the discussion about the project opens.

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