Project Name

Kiosko Sonoro

Project Details

The conceptual starting point of Kiosko Sonoro (Sound kiosk) has to do with the role that the public square has had in diverse cultures, and with a historical reflection from its spatial specificity and its relation of form with other constructions. This work refers to the traditional uses of the specific architecture of the agora, reinterpreted in the way of a geodesic and transformed into an interactive sound sculpture, which grants new attributions to the user by giving the possibility of personal experience in the public environment.

This piece seeks to reinterpret the idea of ​​the traditional kiosk, that construction built during the holiday season and that consisted of a circular or semicircular structure located in a park or public square, designed for the musical performance of outdoor bands and concerts. The word derives from the French kiosque and this one from the Turkish kösk which means pavilion.

In the case of Kiosko Sonoro, the acoustic shell is formed by a reticulated installation of trumpets connected through rigid stainless steel hoses to a single transmission point. The surrounding acoustics of the space happens analogously to the placement of the horns in the kiosk, without any electronic amplifier.

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