Project Name

El principio, el paréntesis y el fin, el telón

Project Details

During the presentation of the Four Acts in Espacio Odeón exhibition in Bogotá, El principio, el paréntesis y el fin, el telón (The beginning, the parenthesis, and the end, the curtain) was filmed. A video that starts from the research of theatrical language, its mechanisms and communication codes as strategies to reveal and hide a specific construction of reality. This video is divided into three parts. In the first, images of static curtains, the text refers to curtains as landscapes of configurations replete with geographical features.  The second, the curtains swing, shake and open to reveal the scenes and their action potential for an audience ready to devour the narratives that could spring from it. The texts come from titles of fables. The third part represents the end of the show when the curtains are closed, and the lights are lit.

Three Columns