Project Name

Captive Ascension

  • Data

    Captive Ascension. 2018. Fireproof fabric, nylon, burner, propane gas, fire, wicker basket, counterweights/latex camera, helium gas, video and sound. Balloon: 800 x 400 cms. Installation: 22 x 50 mts.

  • Curator

    Itzel Vargas

  • Venue

    Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City.

Project Details

Captive Ascension is an installations that refers to the history of aeronautics in Mexico and the building that houses the Chopo University Museum, whose structure was initially built to present the Industrial and Commercial Exhibition of Düsseldorf, Germany in 1902 and then was transported to Mexico City.

The balloon was built on site. The day of the opening, the balloon ascents were made filling it of air and heating it with fire. The following day, a chamber was placed inside the balloon and filled with helium.

The balloon remained captive, floating in the middle of the room, until the closing of the exhibition.