Possessing Nature

collaboration with Luis Felipe Ortega

curator: Karla Jasso

Pavilion of Mexico

52th Venice Biennale, 2015



Possessing Nature, as the title suggests, it’s about a desire to own and control that has proved destructive and catastrophic. It is a very critical work, which builds metaphorical and physical lines with the recent history of Mexican Pavilions in the Venice Biennial. It approaches both Mexico and Venice as “amphibious cities” it reads their public policies and the results in the life of their inhabitants and on nature. Working specifically for the Pavilion, artists Tania Candiani and Luis Felipe Ortega, curated by Karla Jasso, decided to bring and raise the trace in the exhibition space. It unfolded as a useless system that feeds itself from the lagoon, fills the monument up, works though sound and produces a refraction of images. It reverberates as a critique to the obsession of control and possession of nature.