Comunidad Hi-Fi

Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City.

Download Comunidad Hi-Fi DIY magazine here (in Spanish).



Based on the communities of enthusiasts who gathered to assemble hi fidelity sound systems guided by handbooks, Tania Candiani produced a piece called “La Consola” (The Console Table), composed by a vacuum tube amplifier and two turntables; and another one called “La Portátil” (The Portable) –an analog synthesizer. “La Consola” reproduces Pepe Mogt’s overview of the history of synthesizers and analog drum machines.

By retaking the old DIY practice, these pieces revise the importance of socializing knowledge to produce household furniture and reevaluate the craftsmanship, as they allow people to create self-built objects for musical self-consumption that comply with quality standards as Hi-Fi, without the intervention of corporative guidelines. The project includes a magazine with information about Hi-Fi communities, the ethics behind the DIY method and handbooks with instructions to replicate “La Consola” and “La Portátil”.