Punched cards, wodden mechanism, optical tone generator, speakers, drawings, single channel video and embroidered strips.

2.40 x 2.00 x 1.10 mts.



"Telar" (Loom) was installed for the first time in 2011 at the XI Bienal de Cuenca,  Ecuador, and consisted of several elements as catenaries made with "punched cards", projections on the wall of the information contained in the cards, instruction drawings, a video piece recorded in the textile factory, embroidered strips with the text ”Hecho a Mano" (Handmade) stitched by a mechanical loom, and an artisan which spent several days embroidering the instructions of use for the handloom in his manually operated loom.


In 2012 the piece arrived to Mexico City and was exhibited at Museo de la Estampa. For this ocassion, I´ve constructed a machine in order to set up an interface mechanical and symbolically significant in the mediation of weaving. The machine, activated by the public through a cranck, translates into sound the instructions of the punched cards.