Plataforma sonora. 30 relojes de cuerda


Metal structure, aluminium trumpets speakers and three amplifiers.

9.00 x 1.50 m.



Metal structure with triangular prism shape, suspended. Every angle of the structure is covered by a row of aluminum trumpets with speakers. The sound piece is a composition made with the recordings of 30 alarm clocks.

My intention was to reflect upon the present and on memory; upon our activities according to schedules, on sleep and rest. What happens during this cycle?
With this piece I intended to explore the possibility of manipulating time perception and its sound. If at a symbolic level we can use the metaphor of its elasticity through the use of a mechanical and programed rythm, such as the sounds and melodies of old alarm clocks, there is also a physical property that allows us to talk about continous symmetries or time translation. Between these two levels, this piece works as much in its capacity of connecting harmonic qualities, as its manifestation of the potential energy stores in the sound waves.







Torre Reloj. Plataforma Sonora, 2012
Sound piece for the installation
Multitrack recording
14:12 min.