Pausa (Pause)



Two-channel video presentation.


The scribe’s vocation is as old as writing itself. Though gradually disappearing in Mexico, the trade of commissioned writing continues to this day and through the present piece, offers a reflection on interpretation.


In Pausa, we see a video based on the following idea: writers orally recount a story to a scribe and the scribe in turn transforms that story into writing. The story moves from the writer’s mouth to his voice, through the scribe’s (and spectator’s) ear, the scribe’s (and our) process of deciphering, to its first written iteration (a draft that alludes to the transformation that occurs between the longhand manuscript and the typescript), and, finally, translation. The process does not end there, though; there is a second written iteration, the one the scribe calls “final,” which is presented to be read by audiences. The story (that of the writer) is once again present, transformed and time-delayed, the “same story” that in reality (as happens in any interpretive act) is a story of variations, rewrites and polyphony.



Scribe: José Edith González


Writers: Alberto Chimal, Juan Carlos Reyna, Guillermo Fadanelli, Óscar Benassini, David Miklos, Rodrigo Márquez Tizano, Daniel Garza Usabiaga, Mario Bellatín, Bernardo Fernández BEF


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