Órgano (Organ)


Metal pipes, trompets, speakers, keyboards, computer, program.



The space formerly occupied by the church organ in San Diego ex Convent, today  Laboratorio Arte Alameda, is the site for a new instrument that has been transformed into a talking machine. The device features two keyboards, one musical and the other from a typewriter. Each time users move to another line by striking the carriage-return lever, the words that have been written can be heard by means of a voice synthesizer. The musical keyboard features even more complex programming: each key and each chord has been programmed to sound a phonic syllable, for a total of 1201 syllables that reference the lenguage-aquisition.

The assignment of sounds -proper to linguistic orality- to keys and chords allows for texts to be converted into musical notation and subsequently become sheet music. 

The end result is a vox mechanica system that re-signifies the meaning of the message.







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