Historias sonoras (Sound Stories)


Fiberglass domes, surround-sound system, monitor, dvd player and  video.



Sound devices in the form of unipersonal domes equipped with surround-sound systems (two forward channels, one center channel, two effects channels and a sub-woofer for bass reproduction). Beneath the dome, a screen provides a visual accompaniment to the sound piece using an oscillogram for each channel. The sounds’ graphic representation allows us to visualize time as the horizontal axis and amplitude as the vertical axis.


Historias sonoras’s point of departure is Mexico’s venerable tradition of sound artists that dates back to the days of radio dramas. Foley artists called sonidistas specialized in using a wide variety of objects to create sound effects that on-air plots required. This language of simulacrum has disappeared with the advent of effects libraries.

These four sound devices present sonic interpretations of graphic novels.


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