Bordadora (Embroiderer)



Throughout history, the art of embroidery—in addition to its utility—has enjoyed specific moments where it became a means of secret, coded writing. Through glyphs, colors and styles, embroidery has also served to keep symbols and messages secret.


Bordadora is programmed to hear and embroider secrets and confessions that visitors whisper into “confessional” modules located in the upper cloister.

They work as receptors of secrets—the spoken word—and in turn as sound transmitters.



The sound of the voice reaches the embroidery machine after passing through a double codification. First it becomes a written text through an audio/text processor and then this text is re-codified through a current-day encrypting system: graffiti tags. Each letter in the alphabet has a corresponding graphic representation in tagger’s letters and the confession is encrypted for subsequent expression in embroidery.


Thus the tag works as concealment—a dislocation that has historically been associated with cryptography and secret knowledge—recording the stories that visitors whisper as something written, but indecipherable.


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