Otros paseos, otras historias


Printed maps, mobile modules, shirts, sound recorder, volunteers and guided tours.

Lugar Cero, Mexico City.



In Otros Paseos, Otras Historias, the intention is an act of drift to develop a project based on the collection of interviews handled by a team of volunteers which walk through the city carrying the modules built for this purpose, in order to gather testimonies and memories of residents of the historic center of Mexico City.




Through those compiled memories, was created a script which was the point of departure for the guided tours. The walks enable create affective cartographies, re-discover the city with other eyes, based on intimate stories that take place on a par with the stories that we all know.



The mechanics of this project is very similar to the construction of a novel, conceived as a binder in many microstories readed by the guides along the walks.  Otros Paseos is a psychogeographical adventure for reading, a novel micro-stories and anecdotes to be traveled.