Writters y escritores


Spray and acrilic paint on glass.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City.



Some graffiti crews, “taggers” and “writters” were invited by me to make a bomb with the name of a writer over the window facade of the recently opened Biblioteca Vasconcelos (Vasconcelos Library) in Mexico City.




I chose to re-inscribe the visual language of bombing —which is normally criminalized— and use it to give homage to literature. The project worked to bring attention to the potential beauty of graffiti and to create a discussion about how certain forms of visual expression are prioritized over others. One of the most interesting parts, besides the making) was the reaction of those who condemned and denounced the city authorities for their neglect with the library. Of course, they never read the names written on the facade. The intervention lasted about three months and created a new connection with the barrio.