Sobre el tiempo

Installation of 3000 alarm clocks clicking at unison, and two single channel videos.

Cairo Biennial, Egypt.



The videos shows documentation of the gesture of placing one thousand watches in the desert.  This time-lapse recording, captures the pass of the time perceived on the growth of the shadows of the alarm clocks on the sand. The recordings were made in two deserts: La Salada Desert in Baja California México, and Giza Desert, in Cairo, Egypt.



Newton speaks of absolute, true and mathematical time, which in itself, and by its own nature, flows in the same way without relation to anything external. The world would appear as a giant clockwork, predictable in every detail. This mechanical universe, choose time as the variable par excellence in all physical processes. But relativity changed this view, which was incomparable with the new discoveries. In the new Physics, time is something intrinsically flexible. The experience was strongly connected to the individual observer.






This piece relates to both conceptions of time, and also to individual experiences over time. Refers to the pulse almost organic, a physiological pulse, a rite of passage. Thus, time emerges as a torn cloth that continously can be woven or converted to yarns.The route that conects displacement with nostalgia.